This website is specifically targeted to people in the Toms River area whether they live here or are looking for more information on the town itself and the website grows daily.  A good portion of our audience are looking to relocate into the area which means they haven’t found their trusted service providers yet.  This gives your company a great opportunity.

According to latest Google research Toms River gets about 2,400 searches per month.  That is only for the Toms River keyword there are several thousand other searches per month for related keywords and other variations.

Some of the benefits for your business are:

Listing on our homepage – You will get a link right on our homepage, this is prime real estate in the website world.

Local backlink to your website – Google takes local business seriously and a local backlink to your site is one of the best backlinks your website can get, which can in turn make your website rank higher in the search engines.

Exposure to new clients – Our viewers are interested in Toms River area news and business information.  This includes people moving to the area or interested in moving to the area that have not yet picked their “chosen” service provider.

Exclusivity – We have limited space on our homepage.  We only allow one business per business type on the homepage.

Low cost – We charge a low monthly fee to keep you on our homepage.  You are not in any contract you can cancel at any time.  Just email or call us 3 days before your next bill is due and we will cancel your account.

The monthly fee is only $24.75.  That’s $297 per year